• What Do You Know About Growth Plates?

    Growth plates are found on the long bones of children and teenagers, where tissue is growing near the end of the bones. Don't know much about them? Learn more by taking this quiz.

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  • Take a Load Off Your Kids

    Most children rely on backpacks to carry books and supplies to and from school and activities. But a backpack that’s too heavy or doesn’t fit right can cause harm.

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  • Keep Your Cheerleader Safe

    Cheerleading has grown into a sport that demands great strength, agility, and gymnastic skill. Unfortunately, that athleticism also means serious injuries can happen. Here is some guidance to keep cheerleaders safe.

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Pregnancy & Newborns

Pregnancy is an exciting time for parents-to-be. You want to know as much as you can about your developing baby and how your actions will affect his health. Use this information to help you make informed decisions from conception through delivery.

Women's Health

Enjoy good health at every age: know your body and how it works, eat well and stay active, and follow a plan for disease prevention.


    Find out more about this degenerative disease of the brain by taking this quiz.

    Your target heart rate is the range at which sustained physical activity - running, cycling, swimming laps, or any other aerobic exercise - is considered safe and effective.


      A hysterectomy is a common procedure that some women may need to help stop pain, bleeding, or other problems. It can be done in several ways, one of which is abdominally. In this video, you'll find out medical conditions that may require a hysterectomy and what to expect if you need this procedure.